Training Page

Your website is equipped with an editor (The Easy Editor), which enables you to edit text and images in certain areas of your website. To help you become familiar with Easy Editor, we have added this page featuring practice exercises to help you learn how to make changes. You are not required to leave any of the current data on the page. The Training Page is not available from the menu on your website. It can be accessed by going to

1: Text - Highlight text to make changes

Use you mouse to highlight any section of text you would like to change. You can then use the formatting buttons to change the text you have highlighted.

2: Spacing - Create spaces between lines and paragraphs.

Press enter to create a paragraph space.

Press the shift button on the keyboard and hold it down; then press enter to have a line of text directly under the current line of text.

3: Links - Create new links

  • Link to an internal page

  • Link to an external page with a new blank window

4: Bullets and Numbering

Highlight the words below and select the Numbered List or Bullets from the menu.


5: Undo and Redo

Press the Undo arrow to undo

Press the Redo arrow to redo

6: Images - Practice inserting an image

7: Stock photography


Complete Easy Editor instructions will be sent to you by your trainer or you may request them by emailing

Televox Web Support 800-706-0459 / / chat live at